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The Industrial Sponsorship program (ISP) is one of the premier offering of IIMRA, for both the aspiring students and its corporate members of the IIMRA Centre for Institute Industry Collaboration (CIIC). The program that had its humble origins as an experimental program to fulfil the gap between the diminishing supply of knowledgeable market research candidates and the increasing demand in marker research positions of various organizations. ISP has proven itself as a capable tool and now has the backing of a large pool of conglomerates, Market Research Organizations, Government bodies and Universities. ISP has now become a flagship program from IIMRA that offers competitive advantages for the industries and aspiring students.

ISP is still an experimental program and this program is offered only in Japan right now. IIMRA is in a process of developing similar programs in other countries with the help of Market research companies. Organizations having similar aspirations can join hands with IIMRA- Forward your mail to partner@iimra.com


ISP Japan
Now being in its 3rd year since starting ISP in Japan, it has matured well and has received backing from many organizations.The students are selected based on our selection process for this program. ISP Japan has two types of offerings for the aspiring student in Certified Market Research Analyst Course.


Elite Research Team Program Competitive Research Team Program
  • The program provides full 100% waiver of Course and examination and any other fees.
  • 50 students selected per batch under this program
  • The program provides full 100% waiver of Course fees however candidates are responsible to pay examination and other fees
  • Around 60 students selected per batch under this program.

100% Course + Examination + Course material fees waiver

    100% Course fees waiver

    Examination + Course material fees and               charges are applicable USD 200


How does it work?

ISP is backed by IIMRA trust fund. Our corporate partners and market research MNCs allocate a particular amount as their share to IIMRA trust fund each year. The corporate companies are then can provide their recruitment plan, if any. The selection of students to the ISP is based upon their IIMRA interview score.

Once the selected students finish their course, IIMRA will arrange interviews with the Market research companies and other partners. Interview process will depend on companies. The students also have the freedom to opt out of the hiring program by paying back the full sponsorship amount plus 10% interest.


Program Benefits

The program thus offers a greater deal in flexibility and directly opens up a channel of talented pool of resources. The monetary incentives in form of full or partial fee waiver motivates more aspiring student to take up Market research as a starting point. In past, 95% of the students selected for this program have accepted the placement offers from the 4% have started up their own consulting firms and 1% has taken up Doctoral programs. In addition to this,exclusive interviews and direct industry absorption bolsters the confidence of candidates to choose market research as a career.

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