Kriskol Technologies, USA

IIMRA has provided us with an excellent mechanism to educate our staff, often located at sites far from major centres. The high standard of the multi-media rich course is exemplary in course design, interaction, assessment and learner support. The design of the course material makes it easy for students to navigate through the course material and optimise their learning at their own pace and convenience.
CMR Corporation, London
IIMRA courses are a very effective way of developing an understanding of Market Research and form an important part of our Market Research training framework.

Ramesh Tantan Kumar (Certified Market Research Analyst),India

Market Analyst- F&S
IIMRA training has been of value to me and has helped me to secure a recent Market Research Analysis contract with a major national brand. The Certified Market Research Analyst Course, of course, purely provides an overview of the method. However, I now believe that I have the background knowledge to start working within a Market Research environment. I am also eager to become a specialized practitioner and look forward to receiving details of your future training in this area.,

D’souza Francisco (Certified Business Analyst), Germany

Pre-sales Manager, Duplex technologies
…The Certified Business Analyst course was excellent. I was very pleased with the revision material and the course was well conducted with good content, methods and advice. The standard of material was great and I was very pleased with the technique I had been taught.

Geetha Mai (Certified Financial Analyst), India

Senior Analyst, Rosa Fincorp
Many thanks for your assistance during booking the course and after the course. It has been consistently good

Cristina Yang (Certified Market Research Professional), China

Director-Deliverables, China Market Research Group (CMR)
Having worked for over 15 years in Market Research and using and being involved with many CBT courses, I have to say the IIMRA courses are the best I have come across. Superb, excellent, comprehensive and clear as well as excellent value for money.

Varun Krishnan (Certified Market Research Professional), India

Regional Manager, Cavin Group
I am 45 years of age and learning does not come that easy but with the IIMRA approach to studying I managed to get brilliant new perspectives in Market Research.

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