International Institute of Market Research and Analytics (IIMRA) is one of the world’s largest market research certification and membership organization.

IIMRA, the leader in market research certification industry, helps market researchers and consultants to validate their expertise, generate new opportunities for innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. IIMRA has a rich heritage of grooming young and experienced minds into experts in the vast field of market research. IIMRA has grown to become the Gold Standard to which all others are compared in the market research certification.

Although not conspicuous to the end consumer, market research helps in designing the products they buy, price they can pay, and the ads they see- thus market research is vital in the current market situation. In our long journey in market research industry, IIMRA has mentored thousands of students and market research/ analytics professionals, and help them understand, analyze and implement the best practices in market research.


IIMRA boosts the credibility of market research and analytics professionals through comprehensive certification


IIMRA’s certification programs are designed to help professionals stay ahead of the curve in learning industry best practices


IIMRA inspires market research and analytics professionals with powerful events and conferences


Certification programs of IIMRA are offered through remote centers all over the world. IIMRA is led by a team of experienced professionals, known for virtual class rooms and certification programs.

IIMRA at a Glance

International Institute of Market Research and Analytics (IIMRA) is the world's largest market research certification and membership organization...

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Mission and Vision

IIMRA aims to offer cost and time effective market research certification programs using a range of flexible delivery methods. IIMRA's certification programs...

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Governing Body

IIMRA operates under 2 tier governance structure: The IIMRA Council is an internal body responsible for driving the overall vision, mission...

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IIMRA Initiatives

LEARNfree, an IIMRA initiative, provides the most comprehensive list of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) and other free online courses. IIMRA's LEARNfree...

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