Academic Centers

The IIMRA Council has established 5 academic centers to support the vision, mission and objectives of IIMRA. 


Centre for Academic Courses (CAC)


Center for Admission (CA)


Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED)


Centre for Institute Industry Collaboration (CIIC)


Centre for Research and Development (CR&D)


The academic centers are therefore responsible to develop effective admission process, and to interact with stake holders, both external and internal, and be a single window for partnership with industries and market research organizations for research, consultancy and training programs of IIMRA.

IIMRA at a Glance

International Institute of Market Research and Analytics (IIMRA) is the world's largest market research certification and membership organization...

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Mission and Vision

IIMRA aims to offer cost and time effective market research certification programs using a range of flexible delivery methods. IIMRA's certification programs...

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Governing Body

IIMRA operates under 2 tier governance structure: The IIMRA Council is an internal body responsible for driving the overall vision, mission...

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IIMRA Initiatives

LEARNfree, an IIMRA initiative, provides the most comprehensive list of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) and other free online courses. IIMRA's LEARNfree...

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