Certified Market Research Professional

Market Research
Delivery Method:
Mid-level (Professional)
Minimum Cutoff:
90 minutes

Course Description

Certified Market Research Professional (CMRP) certification provides a detailed understanding on the research process and tests the knowledge of young/ middle management researchers.

CMRP is particularly suited for research, support and field work staffs having at least 3 years of experience in the field of market research/ strategy/ branding/ advertising/ marketing/ business development/ analytics related domains.


Understanding of the role of young/ middle level market research and analytics professionals, and understanding the processes involved in designing and planning an effective research.

Course Fee:

Fees can be paid in your local currency using your local credit or debit cards. Approximate local currency rate for the major countries are given here (actual rate may vary slightly based on day to day rate):

USD 550; Euro 480; GBP 500; Chinese Yuan 3,930; Indian Rupees 39,500; Nigerian Naira 196,500


Candidates in their initial stages of their carrier in market research and analytics will be benefited by taking this certification.

  • Candidate should be a graduate (minimum 3 year degree)
  • Experience required
    • Minimum 3 years of experience in market research/ strategy/ branding/ advertising/ marketing/ business development/ analytics related activities


    • Completion of Certified Market Research Analyst (CMRA) certification and having a minimum of 1 year experience in market research/ strategy/ branding/ advertising/ marketing/ business development/ analytics related activities
  • In addition to the above educational qualification and work experience, it is also must to have:
    • a passion for market research/ brands/ advertising
    • a curiosity to understand consumer thinking and
    • desire to advise clients on how to improve their brand’s performance in the market

Topics coverd in the Exam

  1. What is Market research?
    1. The marketing research process, research methods and design
      1. Research objectives
      2. Research design
      3. An introduction to research methodologies
    2. Designing a research project: The tools of market research
      1. Sampling techniques
      2. Designing a questionnaire and discussion guide
      3. Preparation of study brief materials
  2. Conducting market research and market research concepts
    1. Scanning the environment
      1. Components of a modern marketing information system
      2. Analyzing the macro-environment
      3. Identifying the major environment forces
      4. Other major macro-environment
    2. Marketing research system and forecasting demand
      1. The marketing research system
      2. The marketing research process
      3. Marketing research instruments
      4. The measures of market demand
      5. Forecasting demand
    3. Competition Analysis
      1. Analyzing competitors
      2. Selecting Customers
      3. Defending Market Share
      4. Expanding market share
      5. Attack strategies
      6. Market follower strategies
    4. Branding and Customer value
      1. Creating Brand Equity
        1. Brand Equity Models
        2. Brand Resonance Model
        3. Brand extensions
      2. Crafting The Brand Positioning
        1. Developing and communicating a positioning strategy
        2. Marketing Strategies
      3. Creating Customer Value, Satisfaction & Loyalty
        1. Customer Value
        2. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
    5. Consumer behavior
      1. Factors influencing consumer behavior
    6. Identifying market segments & targets
      1. Segmentation bases
      2. Psychographic segmentation
      3. Bases for segmenting business markets
  3. Data analysis and Reporting
    1. Turning data into findings
    2. Reporting and communicating findings

Exam Preparation

  1. Select the certificate, complete the registration process and pay the fees online
  2. Upon completing the registration process and paying the fees, check your registered email. To continue, please click on the email confirmation link you received. This will confirm your email as your contact address
  3. After the completion of registration process, certification exam need to be taken between 16th to 90th days of registration
    1. You will be able to see a link to take the exam, when you login between 16th to 90th. The link will expire after 90 days
  4. IIMRA would send you an email with the list of key books and materials need to be referred for the exam preparation. Please note that it is the responsibility of the students to pay for the study materials (in case the study material is not available at free of cost)
  5. On the exam day, you need to answer 90 multiple choice questions within 90 minutes
  6. Upon completing 90 questions or at the end of 90 minutes (whichever comes earlier), your marks will be displayed and the mark report will also be sent to your registered email id
    1. Minimum marks to pass the exam is 55%
    2. Certificate copy will be send your registered email id within 5 to 7 working days of passing the exam (IIMRA may verify your educational qualification and experience at this stage)
    3. You would also be given an option to download the “Certification logo” to use in your business card, resume and social media profile
  7. In case you failed in the first attempt, you will be shown a link to “Register for the re-exam”. USD 100 is the exam fee charged for re-exam. The link to “Register for the re-exam” will be shown in your login homepage
    1. You need to take this re-exam after 7 days and within 30 days of re-registration
  8. Any student can get 2 such re-exam attempts, if they fail in the exam
  9. If you fail in the 3rd attempt, you would need to pay 50% of the certification fee again to take the exam. The student can take the 3rd attempt only after 2 months from the date of re-registration