What Is The Eligibility To Join In IIMRA?

Certified Market Research AnalystGraduation or aboveFresher
Certified Market Research Professional (CMRP)Graduation or above3 yearsrelevant experience or

1 year experience with CMRA certificate
Certified Market Research Specialist (CMRS)Graduation or above5 years relevant experience or

3 years relevant experience with CMRP certificate
Certified Market Research Expert (CMRE)Graduation or above10 years relevant experience or

5 years relevant experience with CMRS certificate
Data Analysis CertificationGraduation or aboveFresher
Business Analysis CertificationGraduation or aboveFresher

Who Can Benefit From This Course? And How Will I Be Benefited?

  • Students aiming at a high profile corporate career with focus on marketing, market research and data analysis domain
  • Consulting, market research and analytics professionals who want data driven marketing insights to design or redesign product or services portfolio
  • Marketing, Branding and Sales professionals who want to improve the effectiveness of their products, services, campaigns and promotions
  • Junior to mid-level role in a KPO or BPO involved with reporting, data analysis, MIS and other research and analysis related jobs
  • ITES professionals who are managing large data sets and involved in reporting and dashboard management

Course Benefits

IIMRA Certified market research candidates are well recognized by various market research and analytics companies worldwide. To know allbenefits, please visit Reasons to Get IIMRA Certified and Certification Benefits pages

What Do I Need To Get Started?

To get the most out of this course, you should have:

  • Interest in learning market research and analytics
  • Understand the basics of business and statistics, and its applications
  • Possess analytical and logical skills along with an aptitude and drive for research

What Will I Achieve By Taking This Certification?

Get certified by IIMRA and become a specialist in market research and its applications in real life business environment.

  • Learn to collect and analyze data and measure its impact
  • Conceptualize, design and develop effective market ideas
  • Develop advanced and sophisticated predictive models to implement various best in class marketing strategies

To know allbenefits, please visit Reasons to Get IIMRA Certified and Certification Benefits pages

How Will The Certification Be Delivered?

IIMRA certification exams will be conducted online by means of E-learning application. Students can access online materials (if selected during enrolment) and exam from their home, if they own a computer with internet.

Study materials can be taken online anywhere anytime, if you own a computer with internet connection (if selected during enrolment)

Students are advised to use Google Chrome or Firefox Browsers to view our study materials and to take our exams. You may face issues while accessing our materials and exams through Internet Explorer.

Do I Need A High Speed Internet?

Yes, you need to have a high speed internet. If you face any issues in accessing IIMRA website, please write your queries to info@iimra.com. Our course support team will try to solve your issue ASAP.

Will We Have Doubt Clearing Sessions? What can I do in case I need more explanations regarding the topic?

Students can send their questions using the QUERIES link to IIMRA. IIMRA course support team would suggest suitable books/ online materials to refer to.

Is there a demo?

Yes, please visit tutorial page.

Is there a sample question paper for the certificationexams?

Yes. However, it will be available to you only after you enroll your name and pay the required fees for the certification exam.

Do Companies Formally Recognize IIMRA Certifications?

IIMRA certified members are working in almost all major market research and analytics companies all over the world. Though IIMRA doesn’t have any formal agreement with the market research companies, our certifications are well- recognized by majority of the companies due to its popularity and trustworthiness.